Economy Efficiency

  • Minimum viable development
  • Growth and build-out
  • Business models

The economics of CCS is the key to its delivery and we will be exploring a number of aspects that relate to ACT Acorn and future projects in the North Sea region.

Infrastructure suitability and cost will be looked at in detail, from the St Fergus CO2 collection and compression facilities to existing subsea pipelines that could carry CO2 to the vicinity of subsea storage sites.

ACT Acorn will develop a full-chain business case and economic model for the project, which will support its delivery and consider options for providing a CO2 storage service for the UK, Europe and elsewhere.

We will quantify the potential for collecting and transporting CO2 emissions from Central Scotland to St Fergus and provide a design basis for a “National CO2 Utilisation Centre” there.

Finally, we will prepare a compelling business and policy case to attract developers and public funding to implement the third phase of Acorn – a fully integrated CCS hub.