Subsurface Science

  • Understanding storage efficiency
  • Geomechanics and rock strength
  • Site selection and evaluation

Our research will produce scientific evidence to help select the best geological CO2 storage site for the Acorn project, from a range of sites already identified beneath the North Sea. By using geomechanical experiments and CO2 flow modelling, we will also look at how the storage efficiency and capacity of the site can be maximised.

The results of our subsurface studies will support other project work, such as the design of the St Fergus CCS hub and financial aspects of the front-end engineering and design study.

We will also produce a storage development plan and site-screening methodology, which will be invaluable for future CCS development in the wider North Sea region.

It is our intention that findings from the subsurface work package will drive scientific advancement and innovation in these areas.