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ACT Acorn team visits St Fergus Gas Terminal

In early December 2017, members of the ACT Acorn Project Team braved the elements and visited the North Sea Midstream Partners (NSMP) facility at the St Fergus Gas Terminal in north east Scotland, north of Aberdeen. Natural gas from the North Sea is brought onshore at the terminal, which consists of three gas receiving plants that process and pass the gas onto a fourth facility, National Grid Gas, connected to the National Transmission System (NTS).

Mighty CCS Projects from little Acorns grow

Acorn, a ground-breaking carbon capture and storage project, is moving forwards after several funding announcements this year. In May, Acorn was awarded funding from the EU funding round ‘Accelerating CCS Technologies’ (ACT), part of ERA-NET programme. This feasibility study work is now underway. On top of this, Scottish Government has announced their support of Acorn and the provision of £100,000 to underpin the feasibility study and progress CCS in Scotland Following several false starts in recent years, Acorn is an exciting step forwards for CCS in the UK.