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Talking about Just Transition at GHGT-14 in Melbourne

Radboud University researcher, Floris Swennenhuis, reflects on presenting his work on the ACT Acorn project at the recent GHGT-14 conference

Just over a month ago I had the amazing opportunity to visit Melbourne. While I did get to enjoy...

Knowledge exchange in action at second ACT workshop

Last month, projects funded under the ERA-NET Accelerating CCS Technologies (ACT) programme came together at RWE’s Niederaussem power plant in Bergheim, Germany, for the annual knowledge sharing workshop.

Philippa Parmiter, from SCCS, and I headed...

The case for re-using infrastructure for CO2 transport and storage

As major oil and gas fields mature and new discoveries become limited, many companies decide to decommission their offshore assets, such as platforms, wells, and pipelines. The North Sea has, in recent years, seen an increase in decommissioning activities...