As work proceeds on different areas of the ACT Acorn project, we bring you the latest reports, which are now available in the new Downloads section of our website.

With the first two project milestones now complete, you’ll find reports on, for example, CO2 supply options for building out from the initial full-chain project and more about the Feeder 10 gas pipeline, which will be a key piece in the Acorn jigsaw. Other important research includes work to identify the most suitable CO2 storage site for the project.

The name Captain Sandstone could well conjure up images of a Marvel superhero but, joking aside, the reality may not be so different.

ACT Acorn partners pass first milestone in project to initiate CCS in the UK as work on feasibility study begins.

The Acorn CCS infrastructure project CO2SAPLING has been adopted by the European Union as a Project of Common Interest.

The Acorn project, a full chain small scale carbon capture and storage (CCS) project in North East Scotland, reached another milestone this week.