Celebrating 15 years of the Rock Deformation Laboratory at the University of Liverpool

On 28 and 29 June, our ACT Acorn colleagues from the University of Liverpool were in celebration mode during their LivRockDef15 meeting, organised to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Liverpool Rock Deformation Laboratory, founded by Professor Daniel Faulkner.
The two-day meeting was sponsored by BRITROCK and brought together around 50 scientists working in the field of rock deformation. Under the theme “Perspectives in Rock Deformation”, talks were given by past and present members of the Rock Deformation Laboratory, focusing on recent work and future advances in the field.
One of these presentations was given by Michael Allen, a post-doctoral researcher at the laboratory, and a member of the subsurface technical team for ACT Acorn. Michael presented his work on the geomechanical and petrological characterisation of the Acorn Storage Site sandstone reservoir and caprock, as well as giving an overview of the ACT Acorn project and its ambitions for the future.
Congratulations to Michael and all the Liverpool Rock Deformation Laboratory staff on this important anniversary!