What’s in the pipeline for ACT Acorn?

We recently announced that the ACT Acorn study is halfway complete, but our dedicated research teams in the UK, the Netherlands and Norway are still working hard to deliver the next half of the project. The reports completed so far are available from the Downloads section of our website, and with several reports yet to be made available, here is a taster of some of what we have in store over the coming months.

Storage Development Plans

This next quarter is all about the rocks, with Storage Development Plans (SDPs) for both the Acorn CO2 Storage Site and the East Mey Storage Site due for publication. SDPs are essentially “How-to” manuals for developing a CO2 storage site. They tend to be live documents, which are constantly updated throughout the development of a project. But for the ACT Acorn project, we are taking a detailed snapshot of both the SDPs in the coming months to share publicly.

The SDP for the Acorn CO2 Storage Site – the principle site being investigated for Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Acorn project – builds on much of the excellent work that has already been done to understand potential CO2 stores on and near this site. For Phase 2 of the project, we have envisaged additional CO2 coming from a variety of possible future build-out scenarios. Our detailed SDP will contain all you could ever want to know about storing CO2 in the Acorn CO2 Storage Site, including injectivity, containment, infrastructure requirements, development plan, monitoring plan, and budget. It will be further refined in future concept and FEED studies.

In case you missed them, the site selection reports for both the Acorn and East Mey storage sites are available in our Downloads section.

Lifecycle Analysis and Just Transition

We are looking forward to publishing results from the Lifecycle Analysis studies being developed by Radboud University, and research that is analysing societal acceptance and understanding of the role of CCS in a just energy transition in the UK, the Netherlands and Norway.

Last week, representatives from all organisations of the ACT Acorn Consortium came together at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh to review progress over the last few months and to plan the next phase of work. Time was dedicated to exploring these key areas of future work. Dr Leslie Mabon from Robert Gordon University, who is currently carrying out UK stakeholder workshops on societal acceptance, held a short workshop with the consortium on what cross-sector thoughts were on this concept of a just energy transition.

Impatient for more?

If you would like to hear more about Dr Mabon’s work on a just energy transition, or further details on the two CO2 storage sites, you can listen to a full recording of our first ACT Acorn Webinar: Acorn 2025: a pathway to decarbonising the UK. Dr Mabon was joined by Dr Juan Alcalde (University of Aberdeen), who has been working on storage site assessment, Dr Marko Maver, (Bellona Foundation), who shared learnings about options for infrastructure re-use, and Alan James (Pale Blue Dot Energy), who set out the Acorn 2025 vision and its immense build-out opportunities. To listen to the webinar, click here.

(Photo: North Sea Midstream Partners)