Heriot-Watt University

Heriot-Watt University, a founder member of the SCCS research partnership, is at the leading edge of CCS research and has contributed to a wide range of North Sea CO2 storage appraisal studies. It is a partner in several pan-European CCS initiatives, including CO2NET and CO2GeoNet.

Expertise includes CO2 storage appraisal in depleted hydrocarbon fields and saline aquifers, CO2 enhanced oil and gas recovery, static and dynamic modelling of all aspects of CCS storage reservoirs, and tracer technology for monitoring CCS and CO2 hydrate and flow assurance.

In our project, Heriot-Watt will lead on various aspects of the storage development plan design – in particular, on building dynamic models of the chosen sites and running simulation models of CO2 injection and migration within the storage complexes. It will also contribute to work that will assess the potential reuse of existing North Sea pipeline infrastructure.