Pale Blue Dot Energy

Pale Blue Dot Energy provides consultancy and advisory expertise in the business of energy. The team covers a broad energy scope, from oil and gas to thermal power, energy efficiency, CCS and renewables.

It has been involved in several CCS projects within the UK including multidisciplinary projects, where the team has covered technical, commercial, financial, regulatory, risk and stakeholder components. It led the recent Strategic UK CO2 Storage Appraisal Project, developed the business case for the Tees Valley ICCS project and advised on full-chain aspects of the Caledonia Clean Energy Project, Grangemouth.

Pale Blue Dot Energy, the project leader for ACT Acorn, is responsible for running and managing the project. It will also lead three work packages – namely, CO2 capture and supply, the full-chain business case and the low carbon build-out scenarios – and provide peer review and expert input into storage development plan design.