Scottish Carbon Capture & Storage

SCCS is a partnership of several research institutes and the largest carbon capture and storage research group in the UK. Three of its partner institutes – University of Edinburgh, University of Aberdeen and Heriot-Watt University – are members of the ACT Acorn project group.

The research partnership provides access to internationally renowned experts across the full CCS chain, ranging from capture engineering and geoscience, through social perceptions and environmental impact, to law and petroleum economics. The SCCS project team has staff dedicated to CCS business development, policy, communications, knowledge exchange and project management.

SCCS has contributed to projects, such Progressing Scotland's CO2 storage opportunities, and has led joint industry programmes, including CO2Multistore and CCS with CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery.

The SCCS project team will lead on ACT Acorn’s knowledge exchange and stakeholder engagement activities, working closely with other partners.